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Dimidium facti, qui bene coepit, habet, sapere aude, incipe
– lat. Half of work is done if you began wisely. Dare to be wise.
Horace, Epistulae I, 2,40.

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Derc Pałka Law Firm specialises especially in civil law, commercial law, financial law, real estate law, labour and social security law, cooperative law, consumer protection law, penal law and other branches of law including:








  • Hourly system where the fee dependends on the number of hours and a fixed fee per hour agreed by the parties,
  • Complete payment consisting of a single sum of money agreed by the parties paid monthly,
  • Success fee if agreed by the parties,
  • Fees for the representation before the courts and projects are being agreed separately.

Derc Pałka Law Firm is at Client’s disposal.


Derc Pałka Law Firm with its seat in Warsaw  

is a dynamic law firm with a european scope of legal services.

We work in Poland and abroad.

Our experience in legal services results in a success of our Clients.

Legal counsel Ewa Derc


Legal counsel Ewa Derc (GD / GD / 2841), gained experience during many years of work in the office of a solicitor and law firm and in business entities. She has a long-standing practice in providing legal services to statutory bodies of business entities and representing clients before common and administrative courts. Certified compliance officer. Data Protection Officer. Co-worker of Compliance Center of financial institutions and editor of the bulletin dedicated to the sector. Author of several scientific publications, in particular - J. Jankowski, E.Derc, P.Pałka, Polish legislative initiative in the area of the European Union - Proposal for a Regulation of the Council of the European Union on the model of a European cooperative enterprise, Money and Bond 2014, No. 64, p. 185 -188, which was cited, by M. Wrzołek - Romańczuk and B. Zdziennicki. Author of the GDPR manual for bailiffs (Nowa Currenda, No. 2/2018) and a GDPR manual for housing co-operatives together with internal regulations (Auditing Union of Housing Cooperatives in Poland, Edition 1/2018). She cooperates with the National Cooperative Savings and Credit Union and the Auditing Union of Housing Cooperatives in Poland, which associates over 500 housing cooperatives. She completed post-graduate studies in the field of tax law and financial analysis. She combines legal education with knowledge of financial analytics. The court and administrative proceedings of her clients are successful.

A graduate of Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk (2007-2011). Scholarship student at the University of Gdańsk. A graduate of legal counsel at the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Gdańsk (2013-2015). A graduate of postgraduate studies in the field of tax law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk (2014-2015). Completed the compliance course organized by the Compliance Association Poland (2016), culminating in an exam with a positive result. A graduate of post-graduate studies, Financial Analyst, WSB Univesity in Gdańsk (2017-2018).

She also provides legal services in English.


Legal counsel Piotr Pałka (GD / GD / 2723), has many years of experience working in reputable law firms and the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland in Brussels. Certified Chief Compliance Officer - an international exam which guarantees the company's compliance with law, internal regulations and market standards. Coordinator of the Compliance Center of financial institutions and an editor who runs a bulletin dedicated to the sector. Author of draft acts and acts of European Union law in the field of real estate law, commercial law and financial law. Member of the Financial Innovation Working Group at FSA (FinTech). Works with the Auditing Union of Housing Cooperatives in Poland, cooperatives and large business entities. Representative of Poland as part of the initiative of the V4 Group countries to give the International Co-operative Principles the character of European Union law.

Head of Compliance at the financial institution, Coordinator of the Compliance Center, Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of Compliance Center, Editor - in - Chief of the Polish Housing Cooperatives Monitor, Editor of the Quarterly of Money and Social Bond, Member of the working team on FinTech at FSA, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Cooperative Education Foundation, President of the Association for the Development of Cooperative Law, Member of the Compliance Association Poland, Representative of Poland within the activities of the Visegrad Group to give the International Co-operative Principles the nature of European Union law, trainer / lecturer, provides training in the Compliance Managament System for the financial market sector and more, including for Ukrainian Credit Unions, author of publications in the field of financial market law, cooperative law, real estate law and European Union law.

Completed: (2018) Training Specialist Certificate of Compliance in FinTech, Innovation in payment services, Big Data in FinTech, Application of Blockchain technology in FinTech; (2017) Specialist Certificate in the scope of the Internal Control System according to Recommendation H of FSA. Exam passed with distinction (Compliance Association Poland); (2016) Advanced Certified Compliance Officer. Examination completed with a positive result (Association Compliance Poland); (2016) Approved Compliance Officer (ACO). The exam organized by the Compliance Institute at the Viadrina Compliance Center Europa-Universität Viadrina passed with a very good grade; (2015) Certified Compliance Officer. Exam passed with distinction (Compliance Association Poland); (2015) Certified Compliance Officer in financial institutions (CGE); (2015) training in the scope of: Auditor of Integrated Quality Management Systems according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 '(PBSG); (2015) training in the scope of: "Information Security Management based on the PN-ISO / IEC 27001: 2014" standard (PBSG).

He completed the legal internship application on December 31, 2014. The bar exam was conducted on March 11-13, 2015 and ended with a positive result. A graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Law and Diplomacy in Gdynia (2007-2011). Scholarship holder of the University of Law and Diplomacy and the Association of Promoting Financial Education. University prize-winner Primus Inter Pares - Best Student of the Year 2008. Winner of the "Become a negotiator" competition under the patronage of the European Center of the University of Gdańsk.

He also provides legal services in English.


Legal counsel Piotr Pałka


Of Counsel

Advocate Katarzyna Wiewiór

Specialises in cooperative, commercial, civil, penal law as well as the law on housing cooperatives. She has several years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to both business entities and individuals, including conducting court proceedings. She has gained her professional experience primarily in reputable law firms in Warsaw, but also as part of cooperation with a leading legal publishing house. She has been an advocate since 2017, after completing her application under the auspices of the District Bar Council in Warsaw. A graduate of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw with a degree in law. She speaks English, including legal terminology.


An attorney on the list of the Pomeranian Bar Association. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. He graduated from the School of English and European Law organized by the University of Gdańsk in cooperation with the University of Cambridge. A graduate of Postgraduate Studies in Competition Law organized by the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as Postgraduate Studies "Compliance Policy in Organization" at Leon Koźmiński Academy.

He specializes in civil law, with particular emphasis on insurance law and other financial markets. He gained his professional experience in the largest law firm in Pomerania, then in a leading company from the energy sector in the Tri-City. Since 2013 he has been running the Law Firm, within the framework of which he provides consulting services in the field of Compliance and current legal services with financial profile, in particular insurance. He participated in the development and implementation of procedures and mechanisms related to the compliance function, including those related to the Whistleblowing system or anti-money laundering and terrorist financing (AML).

He has extensive experience in conducting court cases concerning agreements with financial institutions. He represented, among others, insurance companies before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as supervisory authorities, including the President of the Polish Financial Supervision
Authority and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Author of the article entitled "The compliance function in insurance companies in the light of Solvency II" in the book "Fair regulation of financial markets. Abuse (misconduct). Legislation. Financial Supervision" published by the Allerhand's Office edited by Dr Wojciech Rogowski.

A speaker at the Financial Markets Regulatory Congress FINREG in 2019 with a lecture on "Adequacy of investment insurance products to customer needs. New regulations and the problem of misselling".


Advocate Michał Roszczynialski

Legal counsel Anna Łabiak

Attorney at Law Anna Łabiak provides comprehensive legal services to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and public finance sector entities. She assists her Clients in creating enterprises and starting their business on the market as well as in their further development. She provides professional support so as to not only advise, but most of all, looking for the most beneficial legal solutions to actually solve the Clients' problems. It provides legal services in the scope of:

- creating and giving opinions on all kinds of agreements and other documents connected with the Client's activity,
- conducting talks and negotiations connected with the activity of the enterprise,
- conducting and representing Clients in court, tax and administrative cases.



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